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Transform Unused Exhaust Heat Into Savings

Up to one-half of all energy costs for laundry facilities are associated with the operation of dryers. As energy costs continue to escalate, facility managers are continually being challenged to lower energy consumption and costs while improving productivity. The biggest challenge is how? Up until now, energy efficiencies have primarily come from incremental improvements in laundry equipment.
Thermodry® is a paradigm shift in energy recovery for laundry facilities – its unique design recovers exhaust heat resulting in energy savings of up to 40%.


Engineered by Air Enterprises: Experts in Energy Recovery & Managing Air

How it Works

Thermodry® is a sophisticated yet simple patent pending heat recovery system that captures typically exhausted, high temperature exhaust air from the dryer to preheat the makeup air back to the dryer.

  1. High temperature air enters the Thermodry® system from the dryer exhaust.
  2. The Thermowheel® extracts high sensible heat from the dryer exhaust airstream.
  3. The wheel then rotates between exhaust air and makeup air to transfer a high percentage of sensible heat to preheat the incoming makeup air.
  4. Preheated makeup air then enters into the dryer which significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to reach the dryer air temperature set point.

How it Works

What it Means to You

No matter which laundry market you serve – Thermodry® will help improve your bottom line by:

1. Reducing energy consumption
2. Improving dryer productivity
3. Enhancing sustainability
4. Capital Avoidance

Thermodry Saves

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