The flood of data — emails, texts, attachments, photos, videos and music — that dominates our personal and professional lives is growing fast. This growth in data is exponential and is building an increasingly larger personal and corporate “digital shadow.” The growth in this digital shadow is driving significant expansion of digital infrastructure and new data centers.

As demand for data center capacity explodes, data center managers are being asked to handle bigger and more complex data centers with increasing amounts of data, all while maintaining existing service levels and keeping their operating spending flat or even reducing it.

Data centers consume vast amounts of energy, and most data centers use as much non-computing or overhead energy, such as cooling and power conversion, as they do to power their servers.

Data centers can consume up to 100 times more energy than a standard office building. In fact, data center energy consumption is estimated to be in excess of 2 percent of energy consumed in the USA.

Many data centers also use enormous amounts of water to cool server farms. For example, a 15-megawatt data center can use up to 360,000 gallons of water a day. The enormous volume of water required to cool high-density server farms is making water management an increasing priority for data center operators.

In addition to saving energy, the idea of conserving water is gaining significant attention. Saving water saves money and is practical, since water is in short supply Energy, Water and Sustainability in many geographies. Some suggest that operators should reduce water consumption by raising the temperature of the data center, raising the humidity levels or better sealing the data center. While this may save a little water on the margin, it does not materially reduce the amount of water used to cool data centers.

The significant use of energy and water is not sustainable. Both carbon emissions and water usage are emerging as key considerations in the design, location and operation of data centers.

KyotoCooling® is a patented, low-risk design with the DNA of sustainability and energy efficiency. It is ecologically sound to the core of its design. We achieve this at many levels, from the use of postconsumer aluminum to the long design life of our cooling systems of more than 25 years. KyotoCooling® delivers a massive reduction in power consumption, reduces your carbon footprint, and its patented design eliminates the need for water.

The outcome of that design philosophy is that everything we do increases sustainability while reducing cost — both capital and operating — and, most important, total cost of ownership. The intersection of responsibility and smart design yields a great economic business outcome.

At every turn, we exist to “green” the data center in smart, effective ways that deliver significant business benefits and operational savings.