KyotoCooling® in Action

We design our solutions with a keen sensitivity to the environmental impact and total cost of ownership for our customers. KyotoCooling® generates the highest return on investment in the industry. That’s smart.

KyotoCooling® delivers the most efficient, sustainable and ecologically responsible data center, with the industry’s lowest carbon and water footprints. Our best practices result in reduced capital and operating costs and, as a result, lowest lifetime total cost of ownership. Our clients are the beneficiaries of these benefits.

Recently, a Fortune 500 firm in the United States performed comprehensive costing due diligence of KyotoCooling® versus a centrifugal chilled water design for all phases of a multimegawatt data center. Six general contractors performed an add/deduct analysis, and in every case, KyotoCooling® produced a lower capital cost on top of significant annual operational savings.

Across the globe, KyotoCooling® is driving the mission of responsible design, addressing the increasing demand on resources by data centers. From the United States to China to Africa, KyotoCooling® is reducing data center carbon footprints and conserving energy and water. KyotoCooling® delivers where other systems can’t.