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Energy and water usage along with carbon emissions in data centers are growing concerns as the demand for larger facilities continues to grow. For the utmost reliability, today’s data centers require mission critical quality and efficiency in their data center cooling solutions.

Air Enterprises’ KyotoCooling® offers integrated turnkey, single-source data center cooling solutions that deliver the best value with the lowest total cost to data centers.

Data Center cooling that makes technical and business sense while being the ethical, ECO friendly choice

At KyotoCooling® we understand the demands placed on placed on data centers and have engineered scalable solutions that save energy and deliver results. KyotoCooling uses the world’s most efficient air to air transfer technology – the patented KyotoWheel that provides 90% effectiveness in heat rejection. KyotoCooling® is safe, waterless and delivers client-proven results, saving 75-80% in cooling costs over traditional cooling solutions. KyotoCooling® is the most widely installed, longest running, new generation cooling solution in the world.

  • Your Mission Critical Partner HP Video
    KyotoCooling® has hundreds of installations across five continents and is quickly growing. When the top names in the industry need a reliable, energy-efficient cooling solution, they turn to KyotoCooling®. We bring knowledge, experience and commitment to our clients, which include United Airlines, Hewlett Packard, Bell Canada and Rogers Communications, among others. In North America, KyotoCooling® systems are manufactured exclusively in Ohio by Air Enterprises, the leading custom air handler
    manufacturer in the market.
  • Lowest Environmental Impact
    KyotoCooling® systems are mission critical and eco-friendly. FS-Award
    Our solutions reduce kilowatt hours consumed, reduce CO2 emissions, use less energy and eliminate the need for water. KyotoCooling® clients regularly achieve LEED status, win energy awards and are among the top echelon of environmentally responsible organizations. Our systems have provided users a five year average annualized PPUE of less than 1.20, and for many that is as low as 1.05. the energy costs are limited to the power needed to turn the KyotoWheel and fans to move the air.
  • Highest ROI
    KyotoCooling® generates ROI from day one. Our systems reduce the required footprint for a data center, install quicker, have lower risk, and can provide savings annually that reach 10%-20% of cooling capital costs. In most geographies, average annualized PPUE of 1.05-1.10 is achieved, resulting in a significant and ongoing operational cost savings and a net capital cost reduction. We also eliminate exposure to the dramatic operating cost increases in cooling that result from power cost escalation.
  • A Low Risk Solution
    KyotoCooling® is a complete, proven solution from a single vendor. No other cooling solution has been so widely implemented for as many years and shown to be stable and proven in virtually every corner of the world. We provide an integrated, centeral management platform that gives you detailed statistical data, trend reporting and a single point of oversight of the cooling process.
  • Scalable
    KyotoCooling® units are modular and scalable. We support dynamic workload changes brought about by virtualization and private and public cloud infrastructure. Capital can be deployed in lockstep with business growth and IT infrastructure without upfront investments. With KyotoCooling®, simply add cooling units as demand increases, spreading your capital expense over a longer period of time. KyotoControls seamlessly and automatically adapt to changes in the data center, accelerating the ability of the business to do what it needs within the data center without incurring expensive upgrades. 

KyotoCooling® provides mission-critical, water free cooling with unparalleled levels of reliability, efficiency and modularity for data centers. Our patented SmarterCooling technology is the best choice for providing the maximum ROI with the lowest risk and operating cost. KyotoCooling® is available in modular building blocks from 50Kw to 1200Kw that be deployed in unlimited site capacities and cabinet densities to 40Kva.

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KyotoCooling® US PATENT 7,753,766 B2