Measuring Efficiency and Sustainability

Power usage effectiveness (PUE) has received broad adoption in the industry and has consumed much of the industry’s focus on best practices. PUE is the efficiency of the cooling plant with respect to the critical load being cooled.

The water usage effectiveness (WUE™) metric, a natural extension of PUE, was also developed by The Green Grid to address water usage in data centers. The focus on data center water usage effectiveness made headlines when Facebook released its initial data on WUE at its data center in Prineville, Ore. In addition to WUE, carbon usage effectiveness (CUE™) is the overall carbon footprint, or carbon dioxide emissions of the facilities energy consumption with respect to critical load. These two measures extend the family of xUE metrics and the data center industry’s focus on efficiency beyond power.

The water usage effectiveness (WUE) — combined with the PUE and carbon usage effectiveness (CUE) — enables data center operators to quickly assess the water, energy and carbon sustainability aspects of their data centers, compare the results and determine if any energy efficiency and/or sustainability improvements need to be made. KyotoCooling® has remarkable results across all of these metrics.

KyotoCooling® delivers the lowest PUE possible, typically 1.05-1.15 in most parts of the world and at 1.25 in the warmest climates when operating at peak demand. Inherently, KyotoCooling® is not dependent on water and therefore has a direct WUE of zero and the lowest NET WUE of any cooling apparatus. CUE because we provide the lowest data center energy footprint. That’s smart.