Series 400 Specifications

Regardless of the application, the Series 400 can accommodate installations within the data hall, outdoor at roof-top or at grade level.

Curb Mount Footprint: 222″Lx167”Wx203″H Rooftop Footprint: 267″Lx167”Wx203″H
Variable Capacity: 350-525 Kilowatts Air Flow CFM: up to 67,000 per unit
Turn Down: 10%-100% Single Point Power: 460V 3PH 50/60 Hz
Peak Power: 120-180 Kilowatts Typical Variable Speed Scroll EER: 12+
Installed Capacity: up to 150 Tons of Cooling Process and OA Filtration: 100% Airflow @ Merv 8
EC Plenum Fans: Eight Supply, Eight OA 156″ Sensible Epoxy Coated Thermal Wheel
Integrated Variable Volume Controls Rifled Tube Coils
Optional: Adiabatic Pre-Cooler High Ambient Extreme Design